Should you substitute? Our substance database will help you.

Close-up view of flasks with hazard pictograms
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SUBSPORTplus offers a database of restricted and priority substances (list of lists), which brings together from more than 30 lists those substances which are restricted in their use by legislation or voluntarily, or for which a restriction of use is recommended due to their hazardous properties. The database can be used to determine whether a substance is on a list and should therefore either be substituted or not be considered as an alternative for another substance as it is classified as a substance of concern by an organisation or institution.
These substances are selected according to certain criteria and defined specifications, e.g. from regulation. Current evaluation methods and their criteria for the identification of priority substances or substances of concern are compiled on the following pages.


Database of restricted and priority substances

This database contains 38 lists of substances that are legally or voluntarily restricted or are recommended for restriction due to their hazards.