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Once it has been established that a substance should or must be substituted, questions remain, including the availability of alternatives or implementation: is there already one or more successful alternative(s) for a given substance? How can this alternative be implemented?

SUBSPORTplus collects practical examples of successful substitution from companies, literature and others sources in the case story database. For some specific substances and substance groups comprehensive and systematic reports on alternatives are provided. The subpage on case studies also provides portals and sources on alternatives.

Case Stories

The SUBSPORTplus case story database contains descriptions of successful substitution examples as well as information on alternative substances and technologies directly from companies, literature or other sources. The case stories are intended to provide both inspiration and practical guidance to companies and organisations looking for alternatives to hazardous chemicals. For example, the information provided in the case stories may prove useful for business planning and procurement or for analysing alternatives in the authorisation process under the EU chemicals regulation REACH. It must be checked on a case-by-case basis whether the alternative can be used for one's own application.

All substances mentioned in the case stories are pre-evaluated regarding hazardous properties according to the 'SUBSPORTplus methodology on case stories', which includes a check of the Substance Database according to SUBSPORTplus Screening Criteria (SDSC). The relevant criteria are availavle in the SUBSPORTplus Methodology on Case Stories.

All case stories are available in English. Up to now, about 90 of the cases are translated to German.

Case Studies

The original SUBSPORT project developed a method for evaluation of alternatives for certain substances and groups of substances. The method was tested on a number of relevant substances and substance groups. The resulting comprehensive case studies are available on this subpage.

The subpage case studies also provides recent study reports from individual authorities and institutions that have not been evaluated by the SUBSPORT Methodology. In addition, other relevant information portals are named, that support the search for alternatives.