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SC Johnson Green List

SC Johnson maintains a list of ingredients that do not pass the four-step evaluation of SC Johnson's Greenlist™ Programme. This list is termed the “Not Allowable” list.

Every ingredient in every SC Johnson product goes through the rigorous Greenlist™ programme. Its centrepiece is a science-based, four-step evaluation that looks at both hazard and risk.

The four-step evaluation at the heart of the Greenlist™ programme looks at these criteria:

  1. Chronic human health hazards, such as the potential to cause cancer or reproductive diseases
  2. Long-term environmental hazards, meaning the potential to persist, accumulate and be toxic in the environment
  3. Acute risks to human and environmental health, such as mammalian or aquatic toxicity
  4. Other potential effects, for example whether an ingredient could cause an allergic reaction on the skin

Ingredients that pass each of the steps in our four-step evaluation process are choosen. There are a small number of cases where the best available ingredient, like the active ingredient in an insecticide, might fail one of these steps. If so, it goes through a risk assessment to determine the level that is safe for humans and the environment.

SC Johnson: Principles for restriction and Use

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