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SUBSPORTplus Substance List according to Screening Criteria

The Substance Database according to SUBSPORTplus Screening Criteria (SDSC) has been developed in the former SUBSPORT project and is used to pre-assess chemical hazards in the case story database of SUBSPORTplus.

The Substance Database according to SUBSPORTplus Screening Criteria (SDSC) contains substances that are known to be carcinogens, mutagens or toxic for reproduction - CMR, (very) persistent, (very) bioaccumulative or toxic – (v)P(v)BT, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxicants or sensitization agents taken from the following sources:



Endocrine disruptors


Sensitization agents

Alternatives containing substances present in SDSC are not subject for publication in the case story database, unless the SUBSPORTplus team regards the alternative to be still safer than the original substance, for the considered application.

For alternatives with substances, fulfilling above mentioned SDSC criteria, we recommend to continue searching for safer alternatives.

Application of Criteria for selection of case stories

This database includes the list version from: 20.01.2022.
Please also check the original sources for more recent updates.

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