Boots: Restricted Substances

The Boots Priority Substances List details chemicals of concern.

Under their precautionary approach to the use of chemicals to ensure the use of chemicals with a proven safe history of use, Boots has established a Chemicals Working Group charged with maintaining a database of chemicals and to provide advice on the use of chemicals in their company.

Their targets are published in their Priority substances List, which is updated regularly and details the chemicals of concern (and their uses) and the action they are taking on them.

They believe they have a part to play in making REACH work, helping to find ways to ensure that chemicals are used safely, while maintaining the competitiveness and enhancing the innovative capability of the EU chemicals industry. Boots UK continues to support the implementation of REACH to ensure that they have a trusted legislative system for the management of chemicals across Europe.

Boots Chemicals

Boots Priority Substances List (PDF, 246 KB)