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PRIO is a web-based tool for risk reduction of chemicals elaborated by the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI). Phase-Out Substances are considered of such concern that they should not be used. Priority Risk-Reduction Substances have properties to which special attention should be paid.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) has elaborated PRIO: is a web-based tool intended to be used to preventively reduce risks to human health and the environment from chemicals.

The aim of PRIO is to facilitate in the assessment of health and environmental risks of chemicals so that people who work as environmental managers, purchasers and product developers can identify the need for risk reduction.

The recommendations on which chemicals are prioritised for risk reduction measures are based on the environmental quality objective “A non-toxic environment” adopted by the Swedish parliament work towards sustainable development and are in line with the objectives in the EU chemicals legislation, REACH.

The PRIO tool applies to chemical substances of high concern regarding to their effects on health or on the environment. These high priority substances are divided into two levels of prioritisation: phase-out substances and priority risk-reduction substances. The group a substance belongs to depends on the hazardous properties of the substance.

The phase-out substances have properties of such concern that they should not be used. They reflect the criteria for substances that may be listed as requiring authorisation within REACH, the new European chemicals legislation.

Priority risk-reduction substances have properties to which special attention should be paid.


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