Downloading files

To open the PDF documents offered, you need the PDF reader. You can download this programme for free on the following page:

Not all of the documents available for download are fully accessible. Many documents are old documents where the original document is no longer available. These documents are not revised afterwards.

We have set ourselves the goal of offering accessible PDF files in the future as far as possible and without difficulty, or to adjust the contents in HTML format.

Whether a document is already fully accessible can be seen from the fact that the download is provided with the information "File is fully accessible / partly accessible".

If you need content from older documents in a form accessible to you, please contact us via the contact form. We will try to provide you with the content in a different way as far as possible.

Navigation possibilities

The pages are uniformly structured, the navigation and content are divided into separate areas.

Right at the beginning of the pages, there are hidden jumping marks, with which you can jump directly to the content, to the main menu or to the search.

In addition, you will find an overview of the topics and sub-topics in the table of contents.

Font size

The font size of our offer can be changed via your browser. In Internet Explorer, this can be done via the menu 'View', subsection 'Font size'. In Firefox, you can change the font size from the 'View' menu, 'Font Size' subsection, Zoom In and Zoom Out.

Audio/Video files

To play the videos embedded on this page, you need a current Flash plug-in (version 8 or higher) if you are using an older browser. You can download this programme for free via the following link:


On our pages we offer two search functions:
Simple Search and Advanced Search
The simple search is located in the left area below the navigation area. In the "Search term" field, you can enter one or more terms directly. The search result is displayed in a new window.

With Advanced Search, you have additional search or sorting options:

  • Sort the search result by relevance or by date
  • Restrict the search result

    o to a specific document type; for example, you can search for people, job offers or simple standard articles
    o to a given main topic.

By default, results are displayed with all entered search terms. Through the word OR between the search terms, you expand the search to include hits that contain only a part of the search terms. Furthermore, wildcards such as (*) are allowed for an arbitrary character string and (?) for a single character in the search. The tilde symbol (~) at the end of a single word allows you to perform a fuzzy search.

Print function

The contents of the performance are optimised for print output.
If Javascript is enabled, there is a "Print Page" button at the bottom of the page. When you click on the button, the print dialogue opens in a new window.
If JavaScript is deactivated, you can go to the 'File' menu, 'Print' subsection (or use the <Ctrl> + <P> key combination).


We have tried to comply with the conditions of the Federal Ordinance on barrier-free information technology (BITV) as far as possible with this Internet configuration. Should you encounter any barriers on our pages, please use the contact form to send us a message with a description of the error where it occurred.

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