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Intrinsic property of a substance rendering it to harm, impair or elsehow damage living organisms.

Toxic for reproduction

A substance which is toxic for reproduction will impair the ability to get children or cause irreversible harm to the offspring itself.


process by which the European Union’s Member States give force to a directive by passing appropriate implementation measures.


Any processing, formulation, consumption, storage, keeping, treatment, filling into containers, transfer from one container to another, mixing, production of an article or any other utilisation.


Substances of Unknown or Variable Composition, Complex Reaction products and Biological materials


Substances that are very Persistent and very Bioaccumulative but do not need to be toxic as defined today. However they persist in the environment and accumulate in the food chain for such a long period of time that they are also considered to be Substances of Very High Concern according to REACH.

Weight of Evidence

Considering the strengths and weaknesses of various pieces of information in reaching a conclusion concerning a property of the substance

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