Substitution can be difficult or easy. Take a step-by-step approach!

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There can be several reasons for substitution. For example, you handle a hazardous substance whose replaceability you have to check according to legal requirements, or you may deliberately decide to substitute a substance in the course of research and development work.
There are different approaches leading to successful substitution. Under step-by-step, you are introduced to six essential steps, how to plan and conduct a substitution process and what to consider. These steps build the basis for a substitution process. Support for each step and further offers and links should assist you in planning, e.g. in data acquisition and analysis. SUBSPORTplus presents users relevant instruments and evaluation tools describing and supporting the substitution process in each step. The information should help you to shape and configure your own approach, e.g. by supporting the choice of relevant substitution criteria and appropriate instruments for evaluation.

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