Support for the substitution process

This section contains databases and tools for analysis that can help you with various steps in the substitution process.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) offers online training on substitution. You can apply for it on the ECHA website. In addition, you can also learn about the substitution process without registering by watching the six videos of the online training.

Hazard identification

  • ECHA substance database: substances classified under CLP and hazard information from REACH registrations are available here.
  • eChemPortal of the OECD: integrative database of substancee regarding phys-chem properties, ecotoxicity, toxicity, environmental fate and behavior, classification and labelling and exposure and use
  • GESTIS (Information system on hazardous substances of the German Social Accident Insurance) substance database: substance database on hazards, information on safe use and protection measures
  • Haz-Map – database on the health effects of exposure to chemical and biological agents used in industry, on the job and at home (USA)
  • Chemical Reactivity Worksheet – software to predict the hazards associated with mixing substances (USA)
  • ChemFate – database for properties influencing environmental fate and transport of chemicals (USA)
  • PBT Profiler – Online Tool to predict if a chemical is persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (US EPA)

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Exposure and Risk assessment

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Cost/benefit estimation

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International/European funding programmes