External activities and offers

Collection of further websites and databases on the topic of substitution


Portal Umwelt of the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy for Baden-Württemberg:
Database with information on geodata in Baden-Württemberg (DE)

Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Energy Textiles Electrical Medical Products:
Database for permissible washing and cleaning agents in offset printing (DE/EN)

Production-integrated environmental protection for companies (DE)


City of Vienna from the programme "ÖkoKauf":
Disinfectant database (WIDES) with a focus on sustainability for the care and hospital sector (DE/EN/BS/HR/SR/TR)


National substitution portal:
Chemicals well regulated (NL)

ZZS Similarity Tool (EN)


REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxemburg:
Substitution of Hazardous Chemicals (EN/DE/FR)


French Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Occupational Health (ANSES):
Information provided to support the substitution of CMR substances (FR/SP/EN).

Presentation of the worksheets on the substitution of carcinogens (FAS)

The Robert Sauvé Research Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (IRSST):
Solub programme for the substitution of solvents


Union Institute for Work, Environment and Health (istas):
Database on hazardous substances, guidance on alternatives (EN/SP).

National Institute for Safety and Health at Work:
Database with information on CMR substances (SP)

Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production:
MedClean database with case studies of cleaner production companies from the Mediterranean region (EN/SP/FR/EUS)

Public body of the Spanish Environmental Agency:
Basque authority that supports business and policy with publications on various sustainability issues on behalf of the EU Green Deal (EN/SP/EUS)

Health Care Without Harm (affiliated to the Practice Greenhealth network):
Programmes and information gathering on improving sustainability and health in the health sector (EN/SP/PT)

European Union:

Practical tools and guidance for dangerous substances


Toxics Use Reduction Institute an der Universität Massachusetts Lowell:
The institute with various tools and publications that assist in the substitution of products and chemicals with safer alternatives (see also cleanersolutions.org) (EN)
Database of safe cleaning products (EN)
Scientific literature and support on various topics such as cancer-free economics, green chemistry or health and disease prevention, as well as energy and environmental management (EN)

US Environmental Protection Agency:
"SaferChoice" programme helps consumers and companies choose products and ingredients (EN)
"Continuous Improvement" programme helps companies to continuously improve

Clean Production Action:
Toolkit for Sustainable Chemical Management (EN)

North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality:
Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service provides sustainability assistance to businesses (EN)

Investor Enviromental Health Network:
Tool for assessing corporate sustainability to inform investors.