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How to use the legislation section

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  • To get an overview of the presented legislation, see legislation description.
  • To access a legislation description, click on the title in the list.
  • To see definitions of the used terms, go to the glossary.
  • Always check the existence of transpositions into national legislation as the description of national issues exceeds the scope of this project. A gateway to national legislation can be found here.

When using the legislation section, please note that:

  • This website section presents summaries of legislation that are meant for information only. The summaries have no legal value.
  • The summaries are focused on provisions regarding substitution of hazardous substances. Therefore information is not presented according to its general importance but to the relevance for the website topic. For complete information please use the original documents.
  • The selection of legislation is representative for EU but should not be considered complete, other laws may still have some relevance to substitution.
  • Terms are used as defined in each legislation item. For a precise terminology definition, please check the original document.
  • On the SUBSPORT website only the term substitution is used (see definition in the glossary) but other synonym words or equivalent expressions may be used by different legislative items.
  • Although an update of data published on the SUBSPORTplus website is made periodically, users are advised to check the actuality of the legislation documents as well as of other legislation items mentioned in it.

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