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German Federal Environment Agency (UBA)

The Master List contains substances and groups of substances that are considered of concern by the German Federal Environment Agency and should not be present in mixtures and articles.

The Master List is part of the publication “Substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction (CMR) and other substances of concern in consumer products”, which deals with chemical substances in consumer-relevant articles that may be of concern for health or the environment. In the publication a definition of “substance of concern” is presented. It is independent of the term “substance of very high concern” according to REACH and is broader. The Master List provides a compilation of substances classified according to the individual properties of concern. No substances were excluded on account of production volumes or data on the usage pattern (e.g. evidence in product registers). On this basis a comprehensive Master List containing substances and groups of substances that are characterised as being of concern was composed. A total of approximately 800 substances of concern are presented.

The Master List was not designed to be a general reference of substances of concern that can be used in this form beyond the scope of the project presented in the publication.

Masterliste des Umweltbundesamtes (UBA)

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