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Volvo: Grey List

This list contains those chemical substances, which should not be used in Volvo’s production processes or found in unreacted form in Volvo’s products.

According to a decision by the Volvo Group Management, restrictions have been introduced with respect to the use of certain chemical substances.

This list is only refereed to Volvo standards and compliance with it doesn’t necessarily mean that legal requirements concerning hazardous chemical substances in different countries are fulfilled.

Products containing chemical substances included in this list shall be kept under surveillance and active work shall be performed to find less hazardous alternatives to be introduced as soon as this is technically and economically possible.

The restriction refers to each deliberate use of the chemical substances specified in the list at concentrations exceeding 0.1 per cent by mass. However, the restriction does not apply in those cases a chemical substance occurs in the form of impurities in a specific product, that is, non-desired occurrence in very low concentrations, or when it is handled in small quantities by trained staff at laboratories.

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