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Dell: Restricted Substances

The Restricted Materials Guidance Document lists substances banned or restricted for use in Dell products and in the manufacture of Dell products.

Dell’s vision is to avoid the use of substances in its products that could seriously harm the environment or human health. Dell material restrictions are based on consideration for legal requirements, international treaties and conventions, and specific market requirements.

If restricted substances are introduced and/or detected in products, potential courses of action may include developing corrective actions to requalify parts to meet this specification, delaying the launch of products and/or removing non-compliant suppliers from the Dell Approved Vendor List (AVL).

To encourage industry alignment with the Joint Industry Guide: Material Composition Declaration for Electronic Products (JIG-101), EU RoHS revisions and EU REACH list of Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC), Dell will begin requesting supplier disclosure of the list of substances (Table 2 and 3 of Restricted materials guidance document). It is important to note that these substances are not currently banned or restricted in any application per this specification, however disclosure on their use will enable companies to meet future demands for product content disclosure requirements. Dell encourages suppliers to begin collecting information on the use/non-use of these substances in their products to facilitate future reporting to Dell.

Materials Restricted for use (Revision: A09-00) (1,2 MB, PDF)
DELL: Regulatory Compliance Policy

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