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In the news section, we will highlight initiatives and strategies for substitution, events as well as relevant news on chemical regulation. News will be provided in English and in German.
16th September 2010

Safer Product Alternatives Analysis: Methods, Models and Tools

This report was prepared by the University of California Santa Barbara in August 2010 with the objective of identifying and evaluating existing tools, standards, methods and models for assessing and comparing alternatives, focusing on chemicals of concern in consumer products. (more…)

9th September 2010

SUBSPORT Expert Committee agrees on the List of 10 Priority Substances for Comprehensive Search for

A selection of priority substances that will be studied comprehensively regarding substitution possibilities has been agreed with the SUBSPORT Expert Committee at its first meeting in September 2010, in Copenhagen. Detailed descriptions of substitution cases for these substances will be offered in the SUBSPORT database, along with examples of substitution for many other substances, for which more general information will be given. (more…)

2nd September 2010

Nine New POPs – Amendments of Stockholm Convention entered into force on 26 August 2010

In May 2009 nine substances have been added under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. At the expiry of one year after the communication the amendments adopted by the Conference of the Parties entered into force on 26th August 2010. (more…)

26th July 2010

Risk Assessment in the Use of Dangerous Substances: European Campaign

SLIC, the European Union Senior Labour Inspectors Committee, with the support of the European Commission, is organising an inspection and communication campaign to improve working conditions associated with the use of dangerous substances in the workplace. The 2009-2010 SLIC Campaign which runs from January 2010 to March 2011 covers the following sectors of activity: wood transformation and furniture production, vehicle maintenance, cleaning (including dry-cleaning and industrial cleaning) and bakeries. The campaign’s target audience are employers, workers and worker representatives of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Its preferential focus is on companies employing up to 50 workers.

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20th July 2010

SUBSPORT – Substitution Support Portal launched

SUBSPORT, the Substitution Support Portal, was launched in July 2010. General information about the three-year project is now online and will be completed by the stepwise publication of results. The internet portal will offer comprehensive information, tools and case studies in the range of substitution of hazardous chemicals in products and processes. In the first project period, all results will exclusively be available in English. The German, French and Spanish translations will be published in 2012.


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