BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2023/2024

  • Project number: F2548
  • Status: Ongoing Project
  • Planned end: 2025-06-30


Since 1979 this Employment Survey is conducted on regular bases (usually about 5-6 years); the forthcoming BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2023/2024 will be the 8th period of the survey. Since 1998/1999 BAuA is involved in the survey (since 2005/2006 as partner), which resulted in a stronger focus on working conditions and their outcomes. Other aspects of employment, which are considered, are knowledge, requirements, qualification, vocational training etc.

The study is based on a representative survey of (at least) n = 20,000 employed persons. These are interviewed using computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) and, starting with the current wave, probably also web-based. Furthermore, the data will be linked to a Sample of Integrated Labour Market Biographies (SIAB) of the Institute for Employment Research. Linking them allows questions about the relationship between work and health to be investigated in the context of employment histories.

The results of the Employement Survey will be useful within the frame of OSH-monitoring and further policy advising as well as for the science community.

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