Unit 4.II.4 Exposure Assessment Biocides

The Unit 4.II.4 "Exposure Assessment Biocides" mainly deals with legal duties of the EU Biocides Regulation (EU) no. 528/2012 and is here in particular involved in the procedures of

  • the national and European authorisation of biocidal products and biocidal product families,
  • the mutual recognition of foreign authorisations and
  • the approval of biocidal active substances.

Within this framework, Unit 4.II.4 conducts the exposure assessment for the professional use of biocidal products and stipulates the protective measures required for the safe handling of the individual biocidal products at the workplace. Unit 4.II.4 also represents the positions of the BAuA in the responsible European committees and contributes to the development of European guidelines for assessment of occupational exposure to biocides.

In addition, Unit 4.II.4 continuously improves the scientific basis for its area of responsibility through research and development (R&D) projects. These projects aim to determine exposure and to derive measures for the safe design of work processes with biocidal products at the workplace. The R&D is usually carried out in cooperation with other Units of the BAuA and with external institutes in national and international cooperation.

The scientific knowledge acquired in the R&D projects is incorporated into the advancement of European guidelines, national legal provisions, technical rules and standards through active participation of Unit 4.II.4 in the responsible committees.

Unit 4.II.4 also provides transfer of knowledge and advice on the assessment of exposure and on protective measures in industrial and commercial work processes with biocidal products and is involved in the qualification of young scientists in university teaching.

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WissOR Dr Michael Roitzsch

Head of
Unit 4.II.4 Exposure Assessment Biocides

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