Unit 4.II.3 Biocides Assessment Unit OSH

The unit 4.II.3 fulfils the regulatory task of Division 4 as risk assessment unit for the occupational  safety and health within the implementation of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 (Biocidal Products Regulation). The unit is responsible for organising and completing the processing of applications for biocidal active substances and biocidal products with the focus on occupational safety and health. For this, the coordination and the technical cooperation between the experts from the various groups in Division 4 obliged here and end ups in a communication of the results.

The tasks of unit 4.II.3 in the biocide procedure are as follows (focus on occupational safety and health):

  • Administration of the different procedures of applications
  • First technical review of applications
  • Organisation of the risk assessment process within Divison 4 for applications of active substances and biocidal products. This also applies to commenting on applications from other Member States.
  • Consolidation of the assessment from the expert groups and final overall assessment
  • Collecting and processing data and information to support the experts within Division 4
  • Participation in national committees and EU bodies for biocides
  • Assisting in answering helpdesk questions and providing advice to industry

In addition to the biocide procedure, the group is also responsible for the assessment of applications under the Infection Protection Act concerning the inclusion of products and procedures for the control of pests, scabies mites and head lice (Section 18 IfSG).

Units 4.II.4 “Exposure Assessment Biocides”, 4.I.3 "Toxicology", 4.II.1 "Biological Agents in OSH" and 4.II.5 "Health Surveillance, Biological Monitoring" are involved in the assessment of the risk assessment of the professional user.

Together with these experts from Division 4, unit 4.II.3 helps to ensure that biocidal products (e.g. disinfectants, wood preservatives) can be handled safely by professional users in accordance with the applicable national/European regulations.

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WissD'in Dr Dagmar Holthenrich

Head of
Unit 4.II.3 Biocides Assessment Unit OSH

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