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Substitution Tools

In this section you can find resumes of tools that may be used in the substitution process.

All presentations include links to the information source where the detailed description of the tool can be accessed. Whenever the original document is available in other languages besides English, information on how to access those versions is included in the resumes.

Tools and guidance to support substitution are provided either by authorities, industry associations, by scientific bodies or NGO’s. Guidance is general and does not go beyond basic principles of substitution. Tools supporting substitution are mostly focussed on taking one step after the other (e.g. decision criteria, assessment of alternatives, implementation planning).

A number of specific substitution tools are available. There is also a larger number of other chemical management tools which partially contain useful substitution information.

This section of the SUBSPORT website is intended to help users to:

  • get an overview of the methods and tools that may be helpful in the substitution process;
  • have easy access to the original method or tool presentations by providing links to them;
  • acquire basic information on the available methods and tools, identify which of them are appropriate for their needs and proceed to further investigations.

List of tools described

  1. Column Model for Chemical Substitutes Assessment
  2. COSHH Essentials
  3. Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) 600
  4. Green Screen for Safer Chemicals
  5. Determination and work with code numbered products (MAL Code)
  6. Pollution Prevention Options Analysis System (P2OASys)
  7. Priority-Setting Guide (PRIO)
  8. Quick Scan
  9. Stockholm Convention Alternatives Guidance
  10. Stoffenmanager

Last update: 22.12.2010


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