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Elimination of perchlorethylene used for dry cleaning in a laundry establishment

Elimination of naphtha as accelerating fuel in a laundry boiler

Coating for industrial washing machines – from binder based on epoxy/polyester to polyester

Substitution of toluene and butan-1-ol in inks for the printing of plastic bags

Substitution of isopropanol, 2-methylpropan-1-ol and heptane in the cleaning of printing rolls

Elimination of trichloroethylene in asphalt quality control laboratories

Substitution of phosphates in household detergents

Alternatives to phthalates in toys and childcare articles.

Screening study to identify reductions in VOC emissions due to restrictions in the VOC content of products

Changing from old technique for development of film to the “computer to plate” (CTP) technique in a small printing house

Healthy business strategies for transforming the Toxic Chemical Economy

Solvent substitution in industry: development of an intervention strategy

Solvent substitution. Implementation case studies.

Potential alternatives to musk xylene

Evaluation of Solvent Substitutes

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