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Cleaning of motorcycle crankshafts by integrated vibration unit

The cleaning of car brakes by hot-water low-pressure spray washer

Component cleaning from the waste incineration plant by low-pressure spray washer

Micro Phase Cleaning of jet engine parts to allow crack detection

Wooden cards; An alternative to the use of PVC, PTEG or polystyrene in gift cards, key cards or access cards.

Mist suppression with non-PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) surfactants for hard chrome plating

Paint stripping of dashboards

Substitution of “white spirit” in piece degreasing with a biological system.

Substitution of sulfochromatic mixtures

Alternative to sodium chloride used for de-icing of roads.

A new water repellent surface treatment which contain no fluorocarbons or isocyanates, to be used on textiles and other fiber-based materials.

A wood treatment product completely free from heavy metals, halogenated and phosphorus compounds. Gives flame retardant properties and protects against rot fungus.

Implementation of a health and safety management system for chemical products

Phasing out PVC and latex for use as catheter materials in favour of silicone. A comparative study of different catheter materials.

An alternative to PFC in breathable membranes for textiles.

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